A Letter from Patti

Yes, I did..I closed my store! After 25 years it was time to make a change. I expected a lot of feels when I made...
A Letter from Patti

Yes, I did..I closed my store!

After 25 years it was time to make a change. I expected a lot of feels when I made this major life decision but I never in a million years expected what was to come. In June I emailed a closing letter to my list of loyal clients thanking them for their unending support of my family all these years. The outpouring of emotion from my clients and store friends in email and phone messages was astounding!

Here are just a few texts, phone calls, conversations on the street, at the farmer's market and at café vida included:

"You have been my star, guiding me to amazing, inventive and beautiful invitations and party essentials. Thank you for all the years of ideas, support and caring." —MAB

"Best of luck in your new ventures. What a wonderful gift you have been to the community." —BL

"I thought of when my mom died at 98 1/2 and I didn’t know what to do with myself so I went to your store and got hugs. My friends were scattered that day and I don’t know where my family was. So I just wanted to go there. That was in 2014." —Mary K.

Jun 15, 2023, 5:47 PM

"BIG tear drops falling ..
But SO much love in my heart for you and my Black Ink friends, and joy in remembering all of the wonderful, funny, crazy (seriously) moments along the way!
SO very proud of you my dear friend!!
YOU built all of this fantastic biz and kept it - and us- going for 25 years! You touched so many lives Peebs, and I know everyone that you met and helped along the way is forever grateful. I know I am. The “Palisades Women’s Shelter” was a safe landing for a lot of us through some really challenging times. We were a close knit “family” of women supporting each other during our hours inside that little shop. Gives a whole new meaning to “retail therapy”!! Even when we were all a hot mess, we had our purpose. We all loved being part of that creative space filled with so many of your hand picked treasures that we loved to unpack and display! My own holiday decorations are sprinkled with decades of little gems from the store. One of my favs: RBG on the Christmas tree." —Jan S.

One of my best customers came to pace the floor of the store until she heard her stepson who worked in the towers was safe. She stayed with us for hours.

Yes, they will miss the convenience of the store, the gift selection, the beautiful gift wrapping always, our holiday windows, my wedding gown in the window every June, but there was more.

They'll miss a friendly place to come visit, where we knew their name and their story. I am so proud that we created this in my hometown for so many years.

I feel appreciated, and all my hard work was noticed and acknowledged. How incredible is that?

I am most grateful for the fact that most people are thrilled for me and my new chapter.
Now we are moving on… I would love to continue our story together!

We can’t wait for you to take a look at all of the treasures offered here.
This is just the beginning. This site will be ever evolving as I shop for the best things I can find… just as I've done for 25 years.

I am already shopping for you for the new online Black Ink! I found amazing treasures for holiday at the Atlanta show a few weeks ago that I can't wait to share with you.
We are proud of the gifts we have curated here.
We know you will proudly send these gifts to your family and friends just as you did when you visited the store.