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Ted's Treats Famous Toffee

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Ted's Treats

Ted's Treats Famous Toffee

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Ted's Treats Toffee is made with simple ingredients: Butter, Sugar, Almonds and Semi-Sweet Chocolate. All batches are made by hand, broken and bottled by hand, and labeled and ribboned by hand. Every batch is made to order, so it never sits around on a shelf or storage area! It's made and shipped or delivered the next day, ensuring the finest, freshest toffee you can get! There are no additives or preservatives!
All toffee is packed in glass jars to ensure added freshness and preservation!

From Ted:  

I remember as a small child standing next to my grandmother, Augustina, stirring a pot of very hot, aromatic, rich in butter toffee. The smell of dark roasted almonds already filling the air and a bowl of chocolate chips on the side, sent my imagination reeling, as I knew what I was in for!  After her passing in 1987, I began making her toffee on my own. Still today, I make her toffee with the same love and anticipation I did as a child!  I hope you enjoy your jar of Ted's Treats toffee as much as I do mine!



  • Orders of 1 to 4 jars will be shipped in FLAT RATE PRIORITY BOXES via the US Postal Service.
  • Orders of 5 or more jars will be shipped via UPS. Delivery times will vary depending on distance.
  • Shipping upgrades available. Send email request to tedstreats@yahoo.com or call 530) 650-6649.
  • Toffee ships from our facility on Mon, Tues, or Wed. to ensure it doesn't sit in a hot truck or warehouse over the weekend.
  • Shipping may be delayed, postponed or cancelled during the summer. We do not ship in weather above 90 degrees.