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The Beer Bible

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The Beer Bible

Imagine sitting in your favorite pub with a friend who happens to be a world-class expert on beer. That’s this book.

It covers the history: how we got from gruel-beer to black IPA in 10,000 years. The alchemy: malts, grains, and the miracle of hops. The variety: dozens of styles and hundreds of recommended brews (including suggestions based on your taste preferences), divided into four sections––Ales, Wheat Beers, Lagers, and Tart and Wild Ales––and all described in mouthwatering detail. The curiosity: how to read a Belgian label; the talk of two Budweisers; porter, the first superstyle; and what, exactly, a lager is. The pleasure. Because you don’t merely taste beer, you experience it.

Bound by hand in bonded leather
656 pages
Size: 6" W x 1.3" D x 9" H
Personalization is available in gold ($12)

The Beer Bible
The Beer Bible

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